Call for Admissions: 2-Yr. M.Sc in Yoga Therapy

About the Course
The Central University of Rajasthan is seeking admission to a 2-year (4 semesters) M.Sc. in Yoga Therapy from Academic Year 2017-18.

Programme Objectives
The Two Years Masters in Yoga Therapy would fulfill the following objectives:
► Knowledge of classical and theoretical foundations of the field of Yoga Therapy.
► To provide extensive research facilities for carrying out fundamental and clinical research in the discipline of Yoga and its applications keeping in view the socio-economic needs of all sections of the society.
► To conduct experiments and research on emerging trends in Yoga.
► To develop techniques and approaches based on the Ancient Yoga Texts and Granthas of Yoga to meet the challenges of the modern era.

Course Structure

Sem.I: Basics of Yoga, Sanskrit, Indian Philosophy, Anatomy- physiology-Endocrinology, Communication Skills, Open Elective and Yoga Practice-I.

Sem.II: Yoga Philosophy, Psychology, Food and Nutrition, Yoga Therapy – I, Discipline Elective, Open Elective, Yoga Practices-II.

Sem.III: Computer Applications, Science Meditations, Yoga and Mental Health, Yoga Therapy II, Discipline Elective, Open Elective, Yoga Practices-III.

Sem.IV: Research Methodology, Yoga Counselling, Discipline Elective, Internship, Therapy Practice, Open Elective, Yoga practices-IV.

Contact Details
Prof. M.Krishnan, ✉