Call for Admissions: 2-Yr. M.Sc/ MA in Digital Society

About the Course
The Central University of Rajasthan is seeking admission to a Two-year Masters Programme in Digital Society (M.Sc./M.A.) from Academic Year 2017-18. The programme is designed on the lines of M.Sc. (Digital Society) being offered at IIIT-B, following a MoU between the two institutes.

Programme Objectives
The Two Years Masters in Digital Society would fulfill the following objectives:
► To help the students to appreciate and understand the digitalization ideas, tools and technologies from the perspectives of society at large.
► To enable students to think innovative and generate ICT based solutions intended to address developmental deficits and challenges in the society.
► To help the society to find out ways of strengthening system mainly to counter the laggards performances in the social and economic sectors of the economy.
► To engage in evidenced-based policy-making process and advocates for deployment of digital technologies for the effective policy- implementation process.
► To promote and enrich interdisciplinary research on the digital society by interlinking ICT and Social Sciences.

Course Structure

Sem.I: Information Technology and Society; Internet, Web and Cloud Technology; Digital Era Government and Politics; E-Governance and Public Administration; Research Methods in Social Sciences; ICT-Lab- Programming Concepts for Social Sciences.

Sem.II: Information Communication Technology Policy and Regulation; Management Information System (MIS); Public Policy and Governance; Cyber Law; Society, Networks, and Social Networks; ICT-Lab - Programming Concepts for Social Sciences.

Sem.III: Spatial Data Infrastructure: Policy Structures and Operations; Digital Media; ICT and Development; Two Electives from different Departments of the University; ICT-Lab (Project).

Sem.IV: Three Electives; Internship and or Dissertation.

Students will be undertaking an internship in a external organization, industries, etc.

Job Opportunity
Placement support will be provided to the students as per the policy of the University.

Collaboration with IIIT-B
As per the MoU signed between Central University of Rajasthan and IIIT-B, following areas of collaboration between the two institutes have been agreed (1) Students Exchange in the second year (third and/or fourth semesters) (2) Collaboration on Curriculum Development and Teaching; (3) Faculty Exchange; (4) Collaboration for Industry interactions for seeking internships/placement opportunities for students.

Contact Details
Dr. Gyana Ranjan Panda, ✉

☛ The Students who opt for and are selected for the Exchange Programme at IIIT-Bin the second year (third and/or fourth semesters), will have to comply with the course guidelines and credit requirements as applicable in Central University of Rajasthan. In such cases, the students will, however, have to comply with all other academic and administrative rules of IIIT-B.